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This page documents various things I've done to my car as far as "modifications". Be they little interior things, performance upgrades, engine mods, custom painting, etc. I'll put links to pictures and the how-to's from this page. Enjoy!! Email me if you ahve any questions about anything (link at bottom).

Custom Intake
Custom Cold Air Intake

RT with a VR-4 Exhaust Installed

Stealth RT with a VR-4 Exhaust Installed

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The Ultimate in Car and Car Audio
I can't talk about modifications to my car without first mentioning the audio system. It definitely involved modifying the interior, including such things as turning it into the only Stealth in the world with built in cupholders {grin}, unique speaker installation locations, and more. Check it all out!
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"The Mods" - The Quick List

Following is a quick list of Mods I've done to my car thus far
(both performance and aesthetic)

The 222 HP Stereo... (1996)
92mm Bore making 3.05 liter (2002)

Ross Racing 11:1 Custom Aluminum Pistons (stock is 10:1) (2002)
18" 6-Spoke Chrome Wheels from a 1997 3000GT VR-4 (1998)
Twin Turbo (94 VR-4) "Big Brake" Conversion (Calipers & Rotors) (2003)
Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (Red) with SpeedBleeders (2003)
K&N Filter-Charger Injection Performance Kit (FIPK) (1996)
Custom Cold-Air Intake (1999)
e-Ram Electric Supercharger (2000)
Dual Exhaust from 1992 3000GT VR-4 (2001)
MufflerTech/Dynomax "Test Pipe" Catalytic Converter (2001)
Intrax Sport Lowering Springs (2001)
3SX Adjustable Control Arms (Camber and Toe) (2003)
Addco Front & Rear Sway Bars (2002)
TEC Front Strut Tower Bar (2002)
Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel (8lbs vs stock 19lbs) (2001)
SPEC Stage II Race Clutch (2002)
Ultimate Performance Short-Throw Shifter (2003)
Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears Blue (2002)
3SX Stock-size Lightweight Aluminum Crank Pulley (2002)
3SX Custom Motor Mount Bushings (2001)
Accel 8mm Red Spark Plug Wires (2001)
Denso Iridium Spark Plugs (2001)
Optima Redtop Battery (1996)
Hella H-4 Headlight Conversion Kit with 90/130w Superwhites (1997)
"Snake Eyes" Headlights Mod using Factory Switch (1997)
Rally Racing Superwhite Fog Lights (1997)
Resonator Bottle Removed (1996)
Blue Racing Pedals (1996)
Brake Calipers Painted Bright Red (1998)
Custom Spark Plug Cover (1999)
Polished Intake Plenum (2002)
Polished Front & Rear Valve Covers (2002)
Polished Upper Motor Mount (2002)
Polished Fuel Rails (2002)
Detailed Underhood Painting (1998-)

"The Mods" - The Future

Following is a quick list of Mods I have on the drawing board

New Aftermarket Rotors (2-piece if I can find them) & Pads
Apexi S-AFC
Custom Dual Pass Radiator
Ported/Polished Twin Turbo Heads with Mods (valves/cams/lifters)
Twin Turbo Conversion
Rebuild the trunk of The 222 HP Stereo...
New Interior Swap
Accel Ignition Coils System
Breather and Catch Can for Valve Covers

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