"SUTHNR" - The Hi-Res Series
My 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T

Welcome to my page of super-high quality "eye-candy" images of my car. These are the selected best, for their photographic quality, excellent lighting, etc. In other words, these are, I think, some really awesome pictures showing off both my car and photographic eye. Please enjoy them! Click on the images to load large versions, about 150k each, they will load in a new window so you don't have to keep flipping back and refreshing this one...

First Glimpse: These first two photos were some of the first images I took with the new wheels on. At least the first ones I took with an attempt to get really good hi-res quality pictures. The red color is coming from the setting sun. There were just shot in my driveway.

I got back in the bed, but then my eyes popped back open! NOW was the PERFECT time to get the pictures I'd been wanting to get - those pre-dawn shots when the light is just right. I threw on some clothes and grabbed my camera stuff and snuck out. (To be honest, these are not in the order in which I took them, but are ordered/grouped a little more logically.) I took quick pictures of everyone else's cars in the lot and then started in on mine... What I though was sooo cool was the fact that all the water was still on the car from the night's rain. In perfect little droplets (nice wax job!). I knew that was gonna make for some great pictures. And I was not disappointed...
In front of the hotel was a grassy "field", maybe 35 yards wide and 75 yards long, some trees were on the opposite side. The grass had been cut. I figured it wouldn't hurt no one so pulled my car out onto the grass, careful not to jerk the car and disturb the water droplets. It was perfect timing. The sun was maybe 20 minutes shy of coming up - so I had to act fast. There was plenty of light to shoot without the flash, especially since I had just bought a new lens that was a full stop brighter than my previous "daily shooter" lens.
Cleveland Dawn Series: This series of photos was taken when I was in Cleveland for the Midwest Gathering (July 24th, 1999). I happened to wake up (not sure why) well before my alarm was to go off, and only 3 hours after I went to bed... Eager for that day's activities, I peeked out the hotel window and was psyched to see the previous night's rain had passed and it was going to be a clear day. The sky was getting light but the sun had not yet come up. (This first one to the left is one of my favorites.)
Technical: I was shooting these pictures using a Minolta XG-1 with a 35mm-70mm f2.5-3.5 short-zoom lens, UV(Haze) filter, Fuji 200 film. The images were scanned on a Mustek 600 II EP scanner, and I did minor touching-up to get rid of white scanner spots, but I did not alter the color mixtures and hues. These are how the photos look!
This picture was actually one of the first I took that morning, before I had pulled it out onto the grass. I'd always wanted an overhead shot, so went up to the second floor of the motel and took these three from overhead. The one to the left was taken first, the one below was taken after I pulled it back, after the sun had come up. But I posted it here anyway, makes a pretty good background...
Way cool! I actually ended up with two of these directly-overhead pictures, this one is the better of the two. The other one is kinda funny because the car was backed closer toward the building, and my reflection is right in the middle of the back window! This one I present here has me reflected in the rear bumper... The darker spots on the tail end/bumper are the door to my room. My car was right outside my door.
These last three pictures from that Cleveland morning are my favorites. And I take pride in them from a photographic standpoint. I really succeeded in capturing on film the look I wanted!! Once the sun broke the horizon, I kept shooting. I was looking for the creative shot, one that had not been seen before, at least not one that was captured on film (and definitely not of my car :-) . I did some switching of lenses, but mostly stuck with that 35-70 zoom. That's what I caught these three with. And then the sun did come up and hit all those little water droplets, it was an awesome sight.
This last picture (below) I took using a 17mm super-wide-angle lens. I love the funky elongated look of the hood and nose of the car. Makes for a cool shot!
What almost sucked major jelly-beans is the fact that when I dropped off seven rolls of film to be developed, only six made it back. And the one missing just happened to be the roll with these pictures!!! 10 days later and many calls to the developing company later, it finally arrived. Whew! I had no idea how the pictures would be, but I knew I wanted to see them. I'm sooo glad they found them! The film had been torn, but not on a vital picture...

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