Pontiac don't know jack about driving excitment!!

Lots more stuff about my 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T coming very soon...

Awesome Hi-Res Photo Series Added!!
My 1993 Stealth R/T, just before dawn, no color editing!!
Click Pic for Photo Series

Modifications to My 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T
Information, stories, and pictures of modifications
I've done to my 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T.

Click Logo for Mods Page

"Spring" of 2004 brought the biggest snowstorm in who knows how many years to Charlotte! I had up to 16 inches at my house! My truck got a snowy beard :-)

I did a gallery of pictures here.

Click for a tour of The 222 HP Stereo...
The Ultimate in Car and Car Audio
Enjoy a full tour of every aspect of one of the most extensive systems
installed in a Dodge Stealth or Mitsubishi 3000GT...

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Click Here to Visit the Collectibles Site

Dodge Stealth & Mitsububishi 3000GT Collectibles

Check out this collection of known Stealth and 3000GT items (that I've found, anyway). Plastic model kits, Matchbox and Hotwheels, factory brochures, assorted other literatures, rare collector's items, etc...

The Gatherings
Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT

Info! Pictures! Stories! Memories! Loads of fun!
Links to past and upcoming events. Check here often for updates...

Stealth & 3000GT
Sales & Production Figures

How many are there??
Sales and Production figures for the
Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT

The Ultimate in Stealth & 3000GT
Performance Parts & Service!!

Yep, it's where I work, but you can get great deals
on a lot of different goodies for your Stealth or 3000GT


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